Work with us

The Charitable Brain is based on Jo’s PhD research in the Social Decision Lab at the University of Sussex.

If you are involved with a charity in any way, there are plenty of options for collaborative work with us. If you’re interested in any of these and would like more information just email Jo –

The Science of Giving Newsletter: we have just launched a new mailing list with monthly updates on our research and other relevant news and events. Sign up here.

Future impact: if something you learn the blog leads to any change in your work or fundraising, we’d really love to know! Some posts have a link to a 30-second survey on this or you can email Jo with any questions or comments.

Testing ideas: if you do get inspiration from the posts or elsewhere and would like to try something new with your supporters, we would be more than happy to consult with the research and statistical side of testing this.

Collaborative research: If a charity or group of charities have an idea they need testing, they can have a designated PhD student.  We will match fund PhD scholarships with our partners, providing excellent value for rigorous insight. There are also various short-term opportunities for working together, such as providing real-world material for our work, or tailored projects towards the needs and interests of your organisation.

Virtual reality: When and why does VR work? We are planning to evaluate the real impact of virtual reality on empathy and giving. If your organisation uses VR it’s a great opportunity to have it tested out and gain in-depth insight into the effects it has.

Conferences and workshops: Keep an eye on Jo’s twitter @JoCutler8 and the mailing list for events she is speaking at. If you’re interested in a neuroscience or psychology session at an event you are organising, please get in touch via twitter or email.

Volunteers and other research: Sussex students are often looking for volunteer opportunities, particularly with local charities. PhD students across psychology want to communicate their research to relevant organisations e.g. mental health groups. Let us know if you are interested in hosting our talent!